Episode 24: Chelsea Top at Christmas

December 21, 2016

The Bard of Exeter hosts the show this week as Ben is away on a special Christmas mission. But don't worry, there's still a Millwall Minute, a festive poem song, and the added bonus of an 'Exeter Second'; a new feature guaranteed to thrill and delight.

Chelsea fans have extra reason to be merry as they are the star at the top of the Premier League Christmas tree this year. Dan, the Liverpool fan is also cheerful but Paul, the fan of Arsenal, is feeling a bit like pre-ghost Scrooge after two defeats in a week.

We look back at all the top flight games and there's a How Much is that Doggy in the Transfer Window? quiz.

If that wasn't enough there's a discussion about llama lookalikes and a special festive musical treat right at the very end.

All of us here wish all of you out there a very Merry Christmas! Venite adoremus!

Music from http://www.wyastone.co.uk/enchanted-carols-musical-boxes-handbells-church-bells-brass-band-handbell-choir-barrel-organs.html


Episode 23: Leicester Blow Man City Away

December 13, 2016

In a record breaking weekend of goals there were wins for Arsenal, Chelsea, Leicester and even Man Utd, while Liverpool dropped 2 points against West Ham. Dan risks the wrath of Klopp as he blames Loris Karius while the Bard of Exeter gives us an insight into life at the Neville brothers' household after Jurgen the German was rude about them.

All the other Premier League matches get the MTM treatment and there's the usual quiz, although Ben has had too many gins to bother about a Millwall Minute. Don't worry, it'll be back next week!


Episode 22: Fights and World Class Alexis Sanchez

December 6, 2016

This week in the Premier League there were two disgraceful wonderful brawls, the like of which nobody likes we all love to see. Apart from Aguero et al's naughtiness the game itself was a blinder and, in a change from the normal billing, gets top spot on the MTM running order and we discuss which teams we'd like to fight alongside and against.

Liverpool get a roasting from resident Red, Dan, and Paul gets all misty eyed over Alexis Sanchez. The Bard goes Dutch, Ben has an FA Cup special round up and all the other top flight games get the MTM analysis.

Finally, for all the listeners who say they do better at the quizzes than we do, there's a tough set of questions shamelessly nicked from Opta. Till next week!


Episode 21: Mad Mourinho and Funny-Named Footballers

November 29, 2016

It's a landmark for the podcast - our 21st! There's lots to discuss this week as Jurgen Klopp extends his motivational mangement style to the Anfield crowd and Jose Mourinho has to go and sit in the crowd. Again.

Cyborg Bob Bradley and Alan 'Tony Manero' Pardew's sides go goal crazy in Wales while Arsenal, Chelsea and Man City record decent wins.

The Bard provokes a discussion of players in gloves, leggings and snoods and rude-named footballers get us giggling during the quiz.


Episode 20: Have I Got Mid Table Matters For You

November 22, 2016

Proper football is back, uninterrupted by internationals until the end of March. That's four months! Hooray! We give a quick nod to the England team, while the Bard writes a poem for Gareth Southgate, but the weekend's Premier League action gets most of our attention. There's also the obligatory Wayne Rooney drunk photo discussion and Ben treats us to a quiz based on the TV favourite, Have I Got News For You.



Episode 17: Mourinho’s Not Special Any More

October 25, 2016

Every time poor Jose Mourinho goes back to Chelsea things seem to go worse for him. We discuss that, and the rest of the weekend's action that saw the 'Big Five' bunch up together at the top of the table.

The Bard of Exeter joins us as usual and we find out in Ben's quiz how many Americans die each year from constipation.


Episode 16: Man Utd Stifle Liverpool and Harry Redknapp’s Tiny Eyes

October 19, 2016

Back from the international break, we review the weekend's action. Man Utd stifled Liverpool's attacking wonder of the world and Arsenal took advantage of Spurs and Man City draws to go level on points at the top of the table.

The Bard of Exeter sees something over the weekend that he thought he'd never ever see and Ben notices something about Harry Redknapp.

There's the usual Millwall Minute and a quiz based on the dullest radio panel show ever broadcast.


Episode 15: Spurs Beat Man City

October 4, 2016

So, what's better, possession or pressin'? There's only one way to find out! Spurs made a strong case for pressin' at the weekend with an impressive 2 - 0 win over Man City. We debate whether it was a definitive triumph of one style over another or merely one good team beating another good team on one particular day. 

Arsenal and Liverpool both won while not playing at their best and we wonder whether, as fans, we should be pessimistic or optimistic about it. All the other games are reviewed and Ben has his Millwall minute.

Jamie Vardy has become something of a muse for the Bard of Exeter as it is the second time his literary output has been inspired by the Leicester striker, and Dan hosts a This is your Life themed quiz.

We're taking a week off next week as it is an international break and we just can't get excited about it, so see you in two weeks.